The IFCMA is committed to using the Martial Arts as a way to bring others to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this through participation and funding of various international and domestic missions.

How we started

The IFCMA was created by Kiyoshi Max Andrews in 2005. He had a vision to see Christ first in the Martial Arts. The foundation of this organization was set on three pillars of Ministry, Missions, and Martial Arts. We support each of our members in all 3 of these areas. Fellowship is the word we like to use, we are not a governing association or any type of group that wants to manage our members, we do offer guidance. We want to support individual schools, but all school owners run their schools/programs/ministries on how they see fit. We have a vast array of experience in different martial arts styles that are part of our organization. We can also provide certification for those who may need it. We seek to provide the best environment for all of our members to train and compete. We like to treat everyone like family!

If you are interested in joining us please inquire about becoming a member, either as an individual or school.